Nail Tips 101

Nail Tips 101

You use your nails everyday! Whether you’re strumming a guitar, flicking a friend, or scratching an itch, your nails do a lot for you by armouring your otherwise sensitive fingertips. Are you sure you appreciate them as much as you should? Here are a few tips for keeping your nails tip top:

1.) USE CUTICLE OIL! – If there is one piece of advice you should take, it’s this one. As I’m sure you use conditioner in your hair, you should also be conditioning your nails! Cuticle oils and creams offer your nails many benefits such as preventing cracked cuticles and hang nails. Washing our hands can sometimes be problematic if using high alkaline soaps which cause dryness and can translate to cracked cuticles.¬†Easily avoid this by applying a drop of oil to each cuticle and massage into the nail and surrounding skin. For simple on the go application try products like OPI Avoplex On the Go Cuticle Oil as they are great additions to the purse party!

2.) STOP THE BAD HABITS! – Attention all nail biters! You are not beavers gnawing wood! Biting your nails isn’t only harmful for your teeth and your nails but also an unflattering characteristic of a large percentage of people globally. But don’t worry these habits can be simple to curb with a bit of willpower and the inclination to change! Biting your nails stunts your nail and can cause irregular growth, hang nails, and ingrown nails so try kicking the habit sooner than later.

3.) FILE YOUR NAILS IN ONE DIRECTION! – If your like me, your purse party includes guest-list nail care products with your nail file as your VIP member. There’s nothing worse than chipping a nail and having it get caught, tugged, and pulled all day until you find relief mending your loss. My advice is always file your nails in one direction. Why do something wrong, when you can do it right the first time? Filing your nails back and forth might seem efficient but it’s actually counterproductive. This technique weakens the nails while fraying them at the same time. If you have squared nails you can easily begin at one end and complete a fluid glide to the other. Whereas those with rounded nails will find ease doing two separate glides each from the outer edge ending in the centre of the nail. Try filing in one direction and you’ll notice your nails really can be strong!

4.) SQUARE YOUR TOE NAILS! – Ingrown nails can be the absolute worst! This unfortunate problematic nail growth is quite common and can become tremendously painful if not taken care of properly. As you may have noticed your toe nails naturally grow in square and by cutting off the corner and filing it down into a rounded edge means you’ve just signed on the dotted line for an impending ingrown nail. Let your nail beds do their thing and if they naturally grow curved into your skin then let them. You’re better off keeping their natural shape and not tampering with it and turning it into a problem. The best advice for preventing this is to keep your toenails squared.

5.) ASK¬†MANI-QUESTIONS! – My last piece of advice would be to always take caution whenever somebody is working on your nails and do not be afraid to ask questions. Those with nothing to hide will be more than happy to explain and educate you! Ensure your certified technician use new files on your nails and ask them about their establishment’s sanitation policies. Always check out your local spa online and read other guest’s reviews to better know the establishment you’re trusting your nails with.

So strum your guitar, flick your friend, and scratch your itch just remember these tips so your nails can grow long and strong without getting chipped!

So strum your guitar

So strum your guitar

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